This band has a long history and though it has had many changes the band has always been big than some of it's parts. Started in 1976 with the members Jimmy Pursey, Neil Harris, Albie Slider, Billy Bostik and Johnny Goodfornothing. The band perform many of the famous punk hotspots, but during this time performing such favs as Borstal Breakout and Hey Little Rich Boy.

In late 1977 the band were getting deeper into the midset of the new Punk scene and on advice of the management they changed the line up this time to feature newcomers Dave Parsons and Dave Tregunna and Mark 'Dodi' Caine, only a while later to replace Mark with Ricky Goldstein.

With Punk flying high competition for plaudits was high and the band managed to score well with favs like Angels with Dirty Faces, If The Kids Are United, Hurry Up Harry...but like the times Punk started to lose its bite and many bands jumped ship. At that time the band was also being plagued by violence at their concerts and this played a major part in the bands demise. With many 'final' concerts following it became apparent that the band was skipping by the scene rather than leading it.

The band split in the early 80s with the release of material that many fans saw as a sell out as the band tried to evolve into a new style.

Jimmy Pursey went off to pursue various projects including alternative dance, whilst both Dave Tregunna and DaveParsons going off to form The Wanderers featuring the late Stiv Bators of the Dead Boys. This ended in acrimony as did Sham with Dave Tregunna and Stiv leaving to form Lords Of The New Church.

During a major hiatus and the 1980s becoming the time of Yuppies and greed...oh and pegs and mohair sweaters, the band was reformed this time by Pursey, Parsons and Ian Whitewood. In a major U turn in pretty much all things the band decided that its come back show would be at Londons premier Goth club the Slimelight, then in the West End.

With a line up that later featuring a Keyboard player and Violinist, it was obvious that the old style wasnt on the 'to do' list.
With the release of pop orienated songs and most notably 'Outside The Warehouse', any old punk would clearly want to jump off the cliff.

As the band toured through the 80's and into the 90s it was plainly obvious that the band would benefit far more by sticking more to a rebellious stance and they did, but with the ethos of jumping on to any bandwagon that was happening at the time.

In the early noughties the bands activities started to slow down and though it was a mystery to some of the members of the the band, it wasnt to some and during Englands football teams lurch towards the Euros, Chris McConnell(Virgin Radio) approached the band for a reworking of the hit Hurry Up Harry to Hurry Up England. The lack of enthusiams for PR struck a core of paranoia within the band and it was only later that the band realised why.

A constant flow no shows and last minute cancellations led to a confrontation at the Shepherds Bush Empire in October 2006, and the end result was the sacking of Jimmy Pursey.

The event was of course documented on virtually every media platform confiming he was sacked and it was only on the engagement of the bands business affairs did the real extent of the mishandling of the bands shows, business and reputation made them realise the damage that had been caused.

From the latter part of 2006 the remaining members decided to audtion for a new singer and though being looked after for a few weeks by a so called Mgt team, the band deiced to manage themselves.

The band entered 2007 with the new Singer Tim V and it was then that the real hard work began with the band playing many of its first shows for free as a gesture to those that had lost money, but it was obvious that due to the extent of the damage they couldnt do that all the time. But many people knew that this line up was sincere, but the work of establishing the new sound and attitude was hard until 2008.

In that time the band had restablished itself with promoters and agents around the world and having been witness to the impact the band had made on the audiences, it wasnt long before the band was getting requests from all around the world. The line up at this point consisted of Tim V, Dave Parsons, Ian Whitewood and Al Campbell, and the band was now journeying to Australia, USA and right across Europe.

The band by 2009 had done more shows that any other line up of this band and also became the first UK band ever to tour China, which was part of a tour feature film called THIS BAND IS SO GORGEOUS.

With bookings coming in constantly and the touring becoming part of its culture the desire to tour became less of a feature for Dave Parsons and though it was hailed as a working band he changed his mind and left the band. His replacement was duly filled by the veteran axeman Tony Feedback ex Angelic Upstarts and Long Tall Shorty, this was later crowned by the founder member Neil Harris who sadly died of Cancer some years later.

The band of course continued like it always has and though some people snigger and ridicule, it is obvious to the many true fans that they these cynics have only come out of the woodwork and midlife crisis aside have no idea of the journey of this band as well as a moral conscience as to its victims along the way. This line up plays for the real purpose and belief something we feel is needed in these plastic times.

SINCE 2007